Wood pellets(pellet fuel)

image_4an environmentally friendly product made from sawdust or shavings without the use of any additives. 

In the production of pellets and briquettes, which is located in Ukraine in the Chernigov region, 150 km from Kiev, we use raw softwood (pine, spruce).

Before crushing each tree trunk is purified from the bark, to achieve low levels of ash in the fuel pellets. The use of the latest technology combined with constant control of the quality of our products allows us to produce high quality wood pellets, fuel pellets, wood briquettes, and other woodworking products.

Wood pellets and briquettes (NESTRO) are one type of renewable biofuels.

Advantages of wood pellets (pellet fuels) and wood briquettes compared to traditional fuels are obvious:

  • Pellets and briquettes do not require further drying to improve combustion efficiency (unlike sawdust and wood chips);
  • The ability to transport at any distance and easy way to store;
  • Due to the industrial drying, pellets do not rot and does not lose its useful qualities for a long time;
  • Wood pellets are not prone to spontaneous combustion or explosive;
  • The calorific value of wood pellets and briquettes is in the range of 4300-4800 kcal / kg, which is comparable to coal indices;
  • Ash from the combustion of pellets is at minimum levels that allows you to not worry about cleaning boilers more than 1-2 times per season;
  • Wood pellets and briquettes - are environmentally friendly fuel, since the combustion emissions are minimal, and there is a substitution effect of fuel oil, diesel, natural gas and coal in the fuel balance of power plants and the private sector.

The physical characteristics of our briquettes and pellets to meet all European standards including DIN EN 14961-2 (A1)

Wood pellets and briquettes are sold at low price compared to traditional hydrocarbon fuels.
We sell ​​wood pellets and briquettes from a warehouse in the Chernigov region and in Kiev. You can buy our wood pellets (pellet fuels) and wood briquettes (NESTRO) at wholesale and retail warehouse in the Chernihiv region.

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